Read what other families and social groups have to say.

The Conlans, Oregon

A great time was had by all!  We can’t imagine having a better reunion than we did at El Moro.  Family came from all over and we were so comfortable in various suites with great views of the ocean.  Highlights had to be the sunset cruise we took with all 17 of us on the trimaran and the tour we took to the town of El Quelite with lunch at a quaint restaurant was fabulous.  Relaxing, energizing, and we can’t wait to do it again!  Thank you El Cid.

The Van Dorn Family, Alberta

We were really impressed with the service at El Cid and the friendliness of all staff and the locals in Mazatlan.  My immediate family and those of my brother and sister had such a good time at El Cid Marina Beach – it was hard to get the kids out of the pools or away from the beach.  Thank you for arranging a special dinner for us and transportation to Stone Island for the day.  We’ll be back.